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Friday, August 15, 2008

Has it Really Been 2 Months Already?!?

It is nearing the end of summer. The very worst one of my life. Funny how I wished for it to come for so long and yearned for the warmth that I now fear so strongly. It was so yearned for, we took our first family Caribbean vacation last Christmas. It breaks my heart now that we didn't enjoy this last one as a family, in the traditional togetherness. A painful reminder of all the vacations that will now never come to pass.
You see, my daughter left this world on June 22nd, 2008.
There isn't a moment currently my mind is not on this sad day in some form or another.
I still feel like my very worst possible scenario fears have come to pass.
I am told time is the only saving grace from the misery, but sometimes, I wish I could either stop time, or go back in it.
However, I guess I will have to wait and see.
As hard as this is...I choose to live.

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